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Student Internships

1. What kind of business or organization should I consider for an internship?
A. Your internship should be related to your career goal or a career you're considering. If you thinking about being a vet, for example, you might consider approaching the Humane Society or a pet hospital. Check out the available Internship Opportunities.

2. Are internships paid?
A. No. Though, we encourage students to pursue potential areas of career interest.

3. Can I get an internship with a teacher at MITA?
A. If you're interested in becoming a teacher yourself, you can ask a teacher here if s/he will sponsor you for an internship. Expectations and requirements remain the same.

4. Can I work for my parents or guardians?
A. No, internships cannot be conducted with anyone in your immediate family. The idea is to get a feel of a possible occupation without the "buffer" of family.

5. How do I find a business or organization to approach for an internship?
A. You can start with your own network of family, friends, neighbors, and others you know, like a religious leader, sports coach, dentist, etc.

6. How do I approach the organization or business?
A. The best way is to call or come in person. Write down what you will say and practice it. Some questions to consider answering in your initial approach are the following:

  • What is the purpose of an internship at MIT?
  • How long is an internship?
  • What kind of position are you interested in?
  • Why did you choose the specific business or organization to contact?
  • What in your background, training, education, or experience would indicate that you would do a good job?

You may be asked to come in for an interview. If so, dress professionally and practice ahead of time.

7. What if they have questions I can't answer?
A. First, make sure you have read the contract so you can answer the most obvious questions. Then, if the potential employer has a question you really can't answer, you can refer him or her to the College Advising Office, 552.6482 x 301.

8. What are the requirements for completing an internship?
A. You must complete the Internship Contract, serve at least 35 hours across a 3-12 week period, obtain your employer's Mid-term Evaluation and Final Evaluation of your work, and complete the reflective essay.