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MIT Academy Named as "One of America's Best"!

For the third consecutive year MIT Academy has been named by U.S. News and World Report as "One of America's Best High Schools." This prestigious award, which is awarded to the top 10% of American high schools, is based on academic achievement, graduation rate, and college-going percentage. 
According to US News, the award is "based on the...principles that a great high school must serve all of its students well, not just those who are college bound, and that it must be able to produce measurable academic outcomes to show it is successfully educating its student body across a range of performance indicators." (For more info on the award, including the calculation methodology, visit
The award specifically names MIT High School, but it is really an acknowledgement of MIT's middle school – Mare Island Technology Academy – as well, as it is clearly recognized that to be a great high school you need a great middle school program to support it. Particularly at MIT, where the middle school is a national "Schools to Watch" award winner, and where 99% of eighth graders transition into the high school program, an award for one is an award for both. So in every way, this award recognizes both the middle and high school programs, and the combined effort of both schools to support MIT students.
Congratulations to the staff, parents, and students of both MIT Academy and Mare Island Technology Academy Middle School for their hard work for both schools. And congratulations to the community of Vallejo for their terrific support of both schools, and for having "one of America's best!"