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MIT Academy Receives Rave WASC Reviews!

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges ("WASC") completed their 4-day accreditation visit on March 15th, and MIT Academy received rave reviews for students, staff, and programs. And though the WASC team also saw room for growth, their conclusions matched very closely those the MIT community had identified during its own self study.

The WASC committee praised MIT's students, its college-oriented culture, and the variety of student support programs. They also lauded the terrific staff, which to a person is focused on supporting ALL kids on their road to success. The WASC team also noted MIT's graduates' 90%+ track record of getting into 4-year universities.

In the area of growth, the committee indicated the school should continue to work to improve the facilities, insure the staff is competitively compensated, be mindful of safety, and to work to improve the student and staff culture at all levels.

In all, the visit was a resounding success and we are eagerly looking forward to our accreditation announcement in May -- and hoping for a full 6-year accreditation!

Matt Smith

P.S. See below to view the WASC team's full final report.