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Welcome Alumni!

Dear MIT Academy Alumni,
As an alum of MIT Academy, you are truly special! Since our first graduating class of 10 in 2004, MIT has grown steadily and in 2017 will consist of nearly 90 graduates walking the stage, graduating from a nationally-recognized state-of-the-art charter school. And you helped make it what it is!
MIT graduates are bound by a common experience in which they have achieved remarkable levels of success despite numerous challenges -- including less than optimal facilities. Moreover, as the school has grown it has gone through several transformations with staff, program, and instructional focus. But through it all, the students of MIT have persevered and not only succeeded, but have had remarkable success! And they share a certain “Griffin Pride” in the experiences they’ve shared, whether it was “Destination DC,” taking college courses, or scrounging up recycling for fundraising! 
As an MIT alumnus, we congratulate your success and urge you to embrace your legacy as an MIT Griffin. This could mean many things, but here are a few to consider:
  • Come visit MIT and get a tour of your old haunts!
  • Become part of the MIT Alumni Association and reconnect with old classmates;
  • Participate in an MIT reunion;
  • Become a “Friend of MIT” and contribute to MIT with your time or resources;
  • Help spread the Griffin message and transform education in America!
Whatever level you choose to engage at, we welcome you coming “back to the roost” as an alumni Griffin. And we look forward to many years of your success as Griffin alumni!
Enjoy your stroll through MIT’s past and help us create the future! If you have any updated information you can share, send it to Elizabeth Garcia at or Toni Feller at
Thanks, and go Griffins!
Matt Smith